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Sep 13, 2016 | Uncategorized

Lynda AvisAutumn is upon us once again and Auxilians throughout the province are returning to their regular Auxiliary activities with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Autumn, which incidentally is my favourite time of year, can be a most rewarding season when we stop to contemplate, appreciate and be thankful for all that we enjoy in whatever corner of the province we call home.  Samuel Butler said it best: “Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruit.”

Auxiliary volunteers work diligently throughout the year and the seeds of these labours are fruitful and highly visible in both our healthcare facilities and our communities in general. You all have a great deal of which to be proud!  The BCAHA Board of Directors also works to strengthen our membership by continuing to enhance connections through personal visits, meetings and the sharing of information.  For example, our new Executive Director, Judith McBride, and our Past President, Valerie Tribes (Chair of BCAHA Areas), spent two days in August meeting with Auxiliary presidents in the Northeast Area.  They discussed the challenges faced in this very large geographical area and whether the roles and responsibilities of the Area Representative could perhaps be shared by more than one individual.

Also, members of the BCAHA executive committee will be in attendance at all of the Area Conferences being held in the next few weeks.  Please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves and if you have questions or concerns, please ask or share them, as the BCAHA elected executive, collectively, has many years of Auxiliary experience, as well as professional and business acumen, that may prove insightful.

The coming year promises to be a very busy, constructive and exciting one as we embark on the new venture of a BCAHA cookbook; as we continue to promote the new BCAHA logo on the now-available BCAHA crests; as we begin work with a new and very delightful Executive Director; as we look forward to our Annual Conference in Kamloops with a Spring Roundup – Sharing and Building on Successes theme; and as we plan an energetic Youth Summit to be held in the Kootenay Area this coming May.

And so, do take time to enjoy and savour this “mellow season” of autumn, and I wish you continued success in all your endeavours.

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