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Sep 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

The BCAHA Executive had a meeting back in January 2021 with SparkJoy our website manager about doing some additions to our website to make it easier for our British Columbia Member Auxiliaries to be more visible as well there had to be some updates too. SparkJoy did some quotes up and presented them to us in February and at this time I was not convinced that we were getting the bang for our buck, so we put it out there to other web managing services and had them do quotes up for what we were looking for and the winner…we all know them, is Spryberry our previous web manager.

We started with meetings to discuss what we (BCAHA) would like to have and where we were forward thinking to generate visibility for all Auxiliaries big and small as we believe that this helps in generating membership, as well as lets the Province of British Columbia and beyond know we are in business in our Communities, this has always been the vision of our BCAHA Board, but we wanted to make it bigger. We have meetings every Tuesday to discuss adding and deleting of things we want to express on the Website, compiling tons of info as you all know about each Auxiliary and what you do, how you raise money to support the important things in your community related to healthcare, and who to contact to be a part of your Auxiliary. These components are very important and there are a few of you that have not sent me this info as of yet so will be contacting you soon to get this info.

We are so very excited to soon be ready to share our newly rebuilt website with many new additions that I am sure you will be very excited to see, this has truly been a lot of work and many hours spent on my part but I am so very happy with the outcome that giving up my summer (which was not that awesome anyways) to do this for all of you is the biggest reward of being part of the BCAHA board. Our mission from the current board is to help our membership Auxiliaries gain ground to come back stronger than ever before to show how determined we are to make a difference in our communities, and stand strong through pandemics, fires and whatever is thrown at us we survived. My recommendation is to keep checking www.bchealthcareaux.org to see the new site as you won’t want to miss the launch. I look forward to your feedback.

Cheryl BCAHA Communications Director

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