BCAHA Communications Update

Apr 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

Exciting updates are coming to BCAHA’s communications. After months of research and planning, a redevelopment of BCAHA’s website has begun. A three-phase plan will see the revamping of BCAHA’s homepage and Members section, and the adding of videos, multimedia, and multisite networks. A key goal is to make the website more engaging and interactive.

The Recent Posts in the homepage will be more prominently displayed so that readers can follow the latest activities of BCAHA and its member auxiliaries. This will align with our new, streamlined e-newsletter – “BCAHA News” – that will deliver more timely and topical updates. An interactive calendar and search button will also be added to the homepage. The Members section will feature a user-friendly flipbook style for the researching and reading of documents and PDFs. This will provide easier, more efficient access to BCAHA’s many digital resources.

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BCAHA will also introduce multisite networks that will connect and assist member auxiliaries and, we hope, specific areas of volunteering such as thrift shops and gift shops.

As our website redevelopment progresses, your feedback is most welcome. Please email gro.xuaerachtlaehcb@rotceridmmoc or gro.xuaerachtlaehcb@ofni with your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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