Trail Hospital Auxiliary Society

President/ Judy Aldridge

The Auxiliary has a GIFT SHOP in the lobby of the hospital that is open 7 days per week with reduced hours on the weekends. This is how we make our dollars for student bursaries and hospital donations.

We service the hospital through the following:

1 – Gift Shop

2 – Porters – deliver mail throughout the hospital (Mon – Wed – Fri)

3 – Help in the Cast Clinic 4 days per week – Admit patients for the Orthopedic surgeons clinic visits after surgery.

4 – Help in the Colpo Clinic 1 day per week – Admit patients for the Gynecologists doing biopsies.

5 – Run the hospital library for the doctors and UBC med students.

6 –  Maintain an ATM in the hospital lobby.

7 – Prior to COVID we service the TVs in the hospital but since the hospital has paid all the bills and the TVs are open to all            patients free of charge. (We are questioning if we want to continue this services as our TVs are in need of repairs and                with new internet services it might be cheaper to purchase Ipads to be rented)

8 – Sell frozen meals (good seller to patients leaving the hospital and seniors within the community)

9 – We provide a very good youth program in conjunction with Interior Health & JL Crowe Secondary High School. (We take            20 students Gr 11 & 12 who are very interested in a Healthcare future.) if you require further info I can send to you but              these students take the eLearning courses like a new employee)