Mills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

President / Mina Elsworth

Mills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary


Memorial Hospital Auxiliary was organized January 17, 1963. In the decades since its inception, the organization has raised and donated funds in excess of $1,500,000! With these contributions, the Auxiliary has improved the services offered at the hospital, enhanced the quality of care, and helped control the cost of health care. If it were not for the Auxiliary, the cost for many services and much equipment would have to be passed on to those accessing the services of Memorial Community Health, Inc.

Fundraising by Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is primarily met by sales from the Thrift Shop. Opened in 1973, the Thrift Shop is responsible for generating the majority of the Auxiliary’s funds while providing a valuable need in our community by offering modestly priced home goods and clothing. The Thrift Shop is open on Thursday and Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

In addition to fundraising, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary also provides much needed services to Memorial Community Health. Volunteers deliver mail to Memorial Community Care residents, do sewing and mending for the hospital, provide magazines for waiting rooms, and numerous other projects and activities. We currently have 41 members.