Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society

President/ Judith Wardell

The Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary’s mandate is to support the comfort and welfare of patients and residents of Southern Gulf Islands healthcare organizations.

We provide services and funds, necessary medical and comfort items to the Lady Minto Gulf Islands Hospital, to the residents of the Extended Care Unit, Greenwoods Eldercare and to Braehaven Assisted Living on Salt Spring Island.  We plan to continue volunteer services at each of these 3 locations and support healthcare in our neighboring islands.

The Lady Minto Thrift Shop has been in operation for almost 50 years and is a major operation of our Auxiliary and our primary source of funds to enhance healthcare in our community, managed by a dynamic team, it is staffed by over 60 member volunteers both women and men. We have kept most of our prices the same for the last 10 years – perhaps the key to keeping our customer base. Over the last 10 years, we have donated $1.65 million dollars. Our donations were down in 2020 because of COVID-19 restrictions to the therapy programs we fund and totalled $136,625.  However, the year before in 2019 we donated $228,764 to our healthcare organizations on Salt Spring Island.  We provide scholarships and bursaries totally $19,000 each year to high school students plus bursaries to mature students re-entering the workplace – all who wish to pursue healthcare related careers.  We also have knitters, volunteers who serve tea at the LMH and do special events , though some of our older members have retired or moved away, we still have 127 members on our membership roster and new members joining each month. We look forward to being back in full operations again.…/LMHAS-Newsletter-June-2024.pdf