Castlegar & District Hospital Auxiliary Society

President/ Rosalie Ingham

Raising Funds For Health Care:

The Castlegar & District Hospital Auxiliary Society was formed in the latter part of 1956 and became a member of the BC Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries in 1957.

Back then we were known as the “Ladies Auxiliary”.  The Castlegar Hospital was opened in

  1. We were closed as a hospital in 2001 and continued to operate as a Community Health

Centre.  Recently, Urgent Care Services became available at the Castlegar Community Health Centre.

The Auxiliary members volunteer their time and raise funds for health care in Castlegar and surrounding areas.  Due to Covid19 our Treasure Shop has been closed intermittently, we constructed two levels of building.  Our shop is known as the Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop, without the support of our community, we would not be able to raise money.  The money we raise is applied to the Castlegar Community Health Centre and/or Talarico Place, & Urgent Care. We also support help within our community. We helped this year a street nurse that worked with the homeless in Castlegar. We do operate a Gift Shop at the Castlegar & District Community Health Centre which sells beautiful new clothing for children.  Beautiful hand knitted layettes and other items.

In 2020 we donated money to 6 schools for their meal programs which totaled $9,000.  Each school received $1500. We had increased the amount by $500. We also supported the Food Bank in the amount of $3,398.49. The total donations for 2020 were $45,729.39.In 2020 we donated $15,000 towards a ventilator.  The Foundation refers to the Auxiliary as one of its honored donors.  We appreciate working together for a common cause.